Free Software


GNU Utilities

Here is a list of some smaller utilities and experiments that I want to share with the public. All of these are distributed under GNU Licenses, the Extended Free Inclusion License or other free licenses that allow for common use and/or modifications.

  • Grizzly

    Mainly an OpenGL-wrapper including an Milkshape3D-Plugin for model export. Material- and other settings can be defined in XML. Needs the XML-library found on this page and some other external dependencies. I'm working on a tutorial that shows how to build this.

  • DSP library

    An experiment of writing a DSP-library in C. Provides some Audio-Effects which can be stuck together into effect-chains to process audio buffers.

  • XML Parser and Interface

    A simple XML-parser with a streaming-operator interface. You'll need flex/lex and bison/yacc to rebuild the XML-parser.

  • A simple wrapper-library for network operations

    The title says all. Besides wrapping the POSIX-standard interface to TCP-sockets this provides classes for defining structured data-streams to be sent over network taking care of byte order conversions and typesize definitions.

  • A small library for FF Transformations

    This one was written for implementing an equalizer in an audio-dsp library. Nothing special, but this has a clean C-interface so it really looks GNUish.

  • Archiver Library

    My approach of a simple multimedia-archiving library. This mainly wraps different file-compression APIs into a simple-to-use and -to-extend archiver. The version provided above incorporates GZip as general compression sheme and OGG/Vorbis for sounds. Suitable for writing games.

  • Prolog UML-Suite

    WIP. A .dia-UML processor written in Prolog. I'll elaborate on this at a later point of time, but the plan is to make it possible to define meta-models to be applied to another model in UML and generate source-code from this. This should result in an easy-to-customize code-generator. See the documentation.

  • ALUT

    Loki's alut library with the rescaling of sound-amplitudes added. This makes the maximum amplitude found in a wave-buffer the maximum amplitude that can be expressed in the data-format of the buffer. This is implemented using Intel SSE2 intrinsics, so it kinda strives portability, but it is largely useful if you are using differently mixed sounds. NOTE: alut is a free utility library for Creative's OpenAL API which is unsupported since a few years. I dare to mirror the OpenAL SDK and Redistributables here as those files are hard to find on the web by now. Don't use it if you don't have to.

  • Some remarks for writing usable DLLs in C++.

    Not really a project - just some remarks what to keep in mind when designing interfaces of dynamic link libraries in C++ that are to be used without an import-library.



    Some useful stuff and thoughts an the application of raytracing in fragment-shaders.

Tools for website design distributed under the EFIL

  • A small script to inject content into <div>s

    Having to put the whole website into just one file makes it very clumsy to find the right thing when hand-scripting everything. This script looks for <div>s with a src-attribute and injects the contents of the specified file. This is used for the navigation-bar and the copyright note on this site.

  • Font Resizer

    Dynamically resizes fonts depending on the size of the window. This can be seen on the main-page of this domain.

  • Element-highlighter

    This highlights elements and does a simple fade-out effect. Can be seen on the main-page of this domain.