Extended Free Inclusion License

Extended Free Inclusion License

Extended Free Inclusion License - EFIL
Version 1.0

This license applies to any functional item or part thereof as received under the EFIL.
You can include such item(s) for use in bigger item(s) -
be they received under the EFIL or otherwise, for example by trade outside the scope of the EFIL.
The EFIL will try to protect the rights as executed under it:
Your ability to freely recombine or modify any such items is therefor depending on your actions.

You CAN redistribute such item(s) under the terms of the EFIL.

The EFIL states, that any such item, either in isolation, in it's original context or in an embedding context not part of the original program
must be subject to the rights of the EFIL, including but not limited to the point of time when redistributing such item(s).
Any such item that is (to be) redistributed under the EFIL must reproduce the original copyright(s)
of that item and make annotation of any changes done to the original item.

The EFIL makes no claim the item(s) reveived under it being good for anything.