Galaxy Explorer

shortly GExp is the project I'm more or less working on since the current millenium, first as a side-project to my studies and since their end with a thought on finishing and releasing it seriously.

It is a space-simulation like Elite, Frontier and X-tension. I have to say, to cite a joke I read somewhere, the first 80 percent of work are done now and I'm starting with the other 80 percent: As this project was going on for quite a while now I'm not really satisfied with large portions of it I wrote at the beginning. Parts of it have therefor been completely reworked. Nonetheless I guess it can be finished until the second half of 2013, now that I have, at least theoretically, the time to work on it full-time.

It is going to be a low-budget as things seem now as I'm the only person working on it.

Parts of it are going to be released here as demo and maybe I'll write one or two tutorials on some techniques and pitfalls I came across. Parts of it were even available under a GNU-License but that development tree is uncontinued now. The last version can be found at sourceforge.

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