Was a side-product of one of my first projects dealing with OpenGL written around the year 2000. It contains methods for operations that might be useful when writing OpenGL-Applications not contained in glu or glut. Examples are a viewport stack with push and pop operations and error check macros. It even contains very simple 3d-model structures and a converter for Milkshape3D models. The first versions of this were written in plain C as this is oriented on the style of the OpenGL-API and I wanted to try out the difference between C and C++ when it comes down to the coding-experience. After having done so I must say, one should not use plain C when it is not really required by whatever circumstances. Being able, for example, to declare iteration variables locally in a for-loop instead of having to declare them at the beginning of the function increases the readability of the source-code a lot.

It is hosted on Sourceforge and here. Note that is not kept up to date anymore as I'm working on a somewhat more sophisticated engine utiliting OpenGL: grizzly

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