Mainly an OpenGL-wrapper including a Milkshape3D-Plugin for model export. Material- and all other settings can be defined in XML. Needs the XML-library above. This is distributed under the MIT license. Note that this contains some pieces of code which are written for Windows-Platforms and have not been ported yet - such parts are to be reworked. Some more advanced features are merely scatched and not tested very well - such as the scene graph - as I didn't really need it in my works. This SHOULD work fine with OpenGL-2.1 cards and - in fact - utilizes the OGL-compatibility profile, as this was written for extending an older project. If you know OpenGL and just want to start messing with shaders this might be worth a look. If I find the time I'll even start to document this one... ;)

Source code.

Unqualified ranting on the OpenGL compatibility-profile

From a philosophical point of view, the compat-profile should have been defined in a way that makes it possible to implemented the standard behaviour of opengl in the programmable pipeline without having to define anything new. This would have made it possible to extend old code with shaders without having to change the application-code in any way. What is mainly missing are uniforms reflecting the glEnable/glDisable state of features as well as the texture samplers.

Copyright (C) 2014 H.J.Lewin