-- UML-Suite

This module mainly conducts others.

This UML-Suite is meant for generating source-code from UML-diagrams. For this it contains means to apply meta-models to the diagram which are itself defined by an UML-Model. This implies that those meta-models are to define the semantics of the diagram to be processed.

The first diagram, m0.dia, contains a model of the initial data-structures to hold the content the diagrams. This model is mirrored by the term-classes defined in, who are used by the .dia-importer. Processing the m0-diagram by pl_model/2 and pl_declfile/1 results in the which contains definitions of the form as will be used throughout the further course of development. The m0-module contains any further predicates declared in the m0-diagram. That is, the m0-module is to be used for dealing with the model-structures in any contexts but the ones mentioned above.

- Heiko Lewin <>