A simple xml parser

The goal of this project was a simple to use xml-parser for utilization in the context of object-oriented programming where it is often enough for objects to write all their properties and subobjects into a file and read it in again. Therefor an operator-interface was defined that mimics the c++-I/O-streaming operators. It can be used like this
  #include "xml.h"
  using namespace XML;
  using namespace XML_Operators;

  XML::IElement* xmlElement = xmlConstructElement("TopElement");
  /* An output handle to the xml-element */
  element_handle_t out(*xmlElement);

  /* Write a few simple attributes */
    <<comment("Element comment")
  /* Write subelements */
  int values[]={0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9};
  for(unsigned i=0; i<<10; ++i)
      <<text("These elements have text")
  /* Write to file with comments but uncompressed */
  xmlElement->toFile("test.xml", true, false);
Input is analogous.
  XML::IElement *xmlElement = xmlParseFile("test.xml");
  if(!xmlElement) exit(1);

  element_handle_t in(*xmlElement);
  int value;
    /* ... */
   element_handle_t subElem;
   while( subElem = in>>element("SubElement") )
      std::string txt;
The pitty is that I wrote not only the operators-interface but also the underlying XML-parser: A procedure I undertook only because of lacking an internet-connection after a move. As implementing a standard-conforming validating XML-parser is a huge project for itself, the underlying implementation only implements a subset of XML, has no means of validating XML-documents against XML-schemas and does not know about default-values of attributes. This means that, as error handling would break the beauty of the streaming-operator interface, one has to rely on valid input files or test the values read in the program - which should not be done as it unnecessarily bloats the code (that is why validating xml-parsers would be handy). Maybe I will switch the underlying parser implementation for a real xml-parser when I continue work on it. For more details on differences to the standard read the top of xml.h.
Source code can be downloaded here

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Copyright (C) 2012 Heiko Lewin